5 Cookies Choice for Snack Time with Friends

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Cookie is a perfect snack to enjoy during your idle time. Especially when you spend your spare time with your lovely friends. Choose the perfect cookies that will create the best moment and make you enjoy your quality time with friends.

Delicious cookies choice

Spend your time with friends by enjoying some delicious cookies. What kind of cookies can brighten your day? Here we will give you 5 recommended cookies to enjoy with friends.

1. Nastar

The first choice that is recommended for you while enjoying quality time with friends is nastar. This is very popular in Indonesia and everybody knows about this cookie. Nastar is made from a sweet and soft dough. It usually comes with a round shape and filled with pineapple jam in the middle.

2. Putri salju

Beside nastar, there is putri salju that is very famous in Indonesia. This cookie comes with a sprinkling of powdered sugar in the surface. It usually has a moon shape and you can also find a taste of nuts in this cookie.

3. Nut Cookie

Nut lovers need to try this cookie. It was made from nuts but served as a cookie. You will find a good combination of sweet and savory from the nut. The cookie usually smeared with egg yolk and sesame seeds as the topping.

4. Semprit Cookie

Indonesian people used to know this kind of cookie for a long time. Semprit cookie is also perfect to be served while enjoying quality time with friends. This cookie has a crunchy texture and you will understand that one is never enough because the taste is damn good.

5. Brownies cookie

For all of the chocolate lovers, let’s try the brownie cookie for your snack time. This kind of cookie is made from brownies dough but baked as a cookie. It is usually served with chocochips as the topping.

Now you’re ready for quality time with friends. Don’t forget to serve the special drink to accompany all of these delicious cookies. Make sure that you have a great time with good food and good friends.

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